Development workflow for create new app for exiting erpnext project

Hi everyone, I’m new to frappe and ERPNext, I need some help about how to do set up a development workflow to work with the project.


  1. I have created Droplets in DigitalOcean and installed Frappe and ERPNext using Docker, and already have some data in it, so how do I get that exiting site together with the data in my local machine? (I’m using Mac)
  2. if I want to create an app to extend ERPNext functionality by using Docker in my local machine, how to I use it with Github to manage the project?
  3. Where do i it get more info for the question about? i have reader documentation in Frappe, but it only shows for how to making app, but after creating the app, how to use it with ERPNext? and if create an app for exiting EPRNext project, how to get exiting data then work from there?

I’m a frontend developer so don’t have too much experience on how to set up the full stack app like this, hope someone can help me with it or suggest me where can i read more info for it, thank you so much.

Login to your ERPNext and download backups. Or take backups through docker commands frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub.
Once the backup is taken it is available in download backups page in Frappe/ERPNext.
read more here Backup & Restore

Check frappe_docker/development at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub, mac + docker had some problems Docker tuning for MacOS

You need to install the module/app created onto the same database/site. Apps

for docker you need to build your own production docker images

Use your strength. Make a separate frontend in framework of your choice and just connect to frappe/erpnext using ReST API.

Check these (currently they are non-docker setups, can be containerized if you know about docker)

It is really complex to start bench on development as well as production setup. You need to spend time on it. Lot of resources and answers are available on forum that will help.

thank you so much @revant_one, definitely will read the doc you suggest, i have created a roster planning app by using Gatsbyjs with Rest API from ERPNext, but now I’m wanna try it out built an app on top of frappe.