[ERPNext-Roadmap/Open Discussion] Lets Do Improvement on CRM Module

I think the actual implementation about Party (supplier, customer diferent doctypes) limit a good CRM implementation.
There were already talks about this (ex: Companies contact besides customer/supplier - #4 by rmehta ) and github issues.
To have a better implementation of a CRM there should be an Party Doctype and if there is a wave of development for CRM this is a good thing to the roadmap.

Thanks for your suggestion,

I aslo think that party doctype is a good addition to ERPNext. But I think we have to consult with the community for this as
this will make substantial change in the code for ERPNext (as sales person, selling agent, banks, employee, franchisee, are all party) we are looking for a broad change in the core.

I think we can keep this open and lets see how this itch will develop…

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I know, this is not developing a new feature is enhance the existing one, but IMO that’s should be the job of the Foundation.
Yes it is a big change, but also a very important and I fear that no one will start this alone. :frowning:

Hi All,

As we goes deeper into the plan of extending and improving the capabilities of the ERPNext CRM and as well to respond to @rmehta call for the Module Community. [Organization] Module Leaders + Public Beta / Sprints

We are making a call here for your idea/contribution for extending the CRM module of ERPNext.

For now we have @kolate_sambhaji, @Julian_Robbins and me that has volunteered to make an improvement of this module.

Anybody interested in contributing are greatly welcome as your participation/idea/input/time/expertise are greatly needed and are welcome.

Lets do a draft for the first project of the “email improvement” and set a working schedule so that this planning can go into reality.

For now the temporary list are:

post inline in the strings so that reply are linked
Save a long draft for email
Delete and Trash email.
Linked document to contact and other document that email is linked to single or multiple doctype.
Email communication tree for a contact (supplier/customer)
Make task, appointment, quotation, sales order and other from email.
Set reminder for email or task if hasn’t fulfilled.
Calendar Integrations
SMS auto alert - new input from @kolate_sambhaji 
Please add your idea here...


Thanks and best regards


Hello Anton

One other useful feature that could be added.

  • Means to move from email to next or previous email to avoid extra clicks.

I’m sure there’s more but this one is email navigation is really important
and would enhance the usability a lot

  • A minor one … The Email Inbox is situated under the Menu of ‘Setup’
    which is incorrect and hopefully not difficult to fix

Look forward to getting involved further


Thanks Julian,

I have input your ideas into the list bucket:

  1. post inline in the strings so that reply are linked
  2. Save a long draft for email
  3. Delete and Trash email.
  4. Linked document to contact and other document that email is linked to single or multiple doctype.
  5. Email communication tree for a contact (supplier/customer)
  6. Make task, appointment, quotation, sales order and other from email.
  7. Set reminder for email or task if hasn’t fulfilled.
  8. Calendar Integrations
  9. SMS auto alert - new input from @kolate_sambhaji
  10. Add button for next/previous in the email doctype for faster browsing
  11. Change email inbox location

Hey,I think next/previous doctype button are quite generic and can be implemented in the other area of the module lets say “sales order”, “purchase order”, etc for easy browsing. I like that too…
Just my one cent comment…




How about, automatic visit/appointment logging using this -

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@LifeP: I think geolocation is also a great idea, we can integrate that into many aspects of ERPNext such as tracking, appointment, delivery, and other aspect. I will put that into the list for requirements for the CRM building.


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Hi Everyone,

Following our updates on the CRM improvement roadmap planning, I am glad that today we as foundation had formed a working committee of volunteers who share the same passion to improve ERPNext CRM module. So that we can start working in improving the CRM and having an improvement plan to be implemented in ERPNext core.

I myself feels greatly humbled and honoured to be a part of that and also excited and yes … grateful that i can learn with all of you together to improve ERPNext.

So as for now what I would start by saying “Thank You” for all of us who volunteered and contribute and also “Good Luck” for us all who is going to contribute and improve the CRM Module. All of your input will be valuable for us to develop and extend CRM of ERPNext.

With Regards & Respect
@umair, @Julian_Robbins, @olamide_shodunke, @jayfiro, @LifeP, @Bas_de_Reus, @almeidapaulopt


I’m new in this community and I started using Erpnext for trial. I am a marketing consultant specialized in marketing automation. I saw you want implement new features into CRM, and also automation. There is only one open source marketing automation platform and is called Mautic, I was thinking that some developer can use Mautic code to create a starting point for automation workflows, scoring, website tracking, html email editor, ecc. and in the future add some different features that Mautic hasn’t (I think that for new features, Activecampaign can be a source of inspiration).
PS: It’s only a suggestion and I don’t know if the different licences allow these kind of uses.

@tara_antonius do you think it could be done?

hi thanks for your suggestion, i will check on the requirement and inform you asap


I know that we are going to start to work on an intergration into Mautic as soon as we can start it.

Foundation recently formed marketing group for ERPNext Marketing activity.
Do you want to take lead in Marketing Group?

Hi @kolate_sambhaji
wow it’s very interesting. Yes, add me to the Marketing Group.


@imllc this post [ERPNext-Roadmap/Open Discussion] Lets Do Improvement on CRM Module - #11 by tara_antonius re an email improvement initiative may interest you

Hi Moreno. Welcome to the marketing group. At this early stage we are still building a team of specialists that we can mobilize to start planning and driving actions. Hopefully the team will include some complementary and synergistic skills and cover multiple global regions. A long list of suggested actions has been listed by Rushabh and others so we have a lot on our plate.

Hi @Sami_Tayara
where can I find what the team suggested?
I’d like to take part of the discussion.

Hi Moreno,

See below the accumulated list of suggestions I have compiled for you. Please find the full thread here [Discussion] Marketing ERPNext to drive major growth

@kolate_sambhaji had suggested the following:

    • Form Team for marketing (which is our current goal)
    • Make presentation to show foundation and take approval for funds
    • List out review sites, and encourage user to put reviews.
    • Add volunteer for Twitter and social media handler
    • Get community involved in marketing, by giving some user or developer training via webinar
    • Enable guest blog in erpnext.org and encourage user to write their experience with ERPNext
    • Make marketing presentation, documentation and broachers
    • Merchandise ERPNext (Make some T-shirt, Cup, Diary and sale it in meet ups without any profit)

Rushabh @rmehta added the following suggestions:

    • Make marketing collateral (in multiple languages)
    • Identify small business blogs who can write about ERPNext and guest post on them
    • Like / Retweet ERPNext messages on social media
    • Setup and maintain an Adwords account and make plan for targeting specific domains / territories on Adwords (make a presentation to the foundation it)

Umair @umair added this:

Looping in @ravigokhale based on conference discussion on finding tech-writers.

We should also start a drive on the forum encouraging users to share their ERPNext implementation stories and publishing them on erpnext.org

For example, this one could go into blogs.


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I will like to add the need to add financial values to opportunities.

Right now you can create opportunities and even add items to opportunities but you cannot add financial values to opportunities so there is no way of knowing the value of opportunities(eg $2,500).

Without these one cannot determine the financial value of sales funnel, and this is important.