How to update from v10 to V11

i see in github that finally v11 is released

but when i run bench update i get v10.1.53 (master)
and on more thing most thing i need in v 11 is the new chat
i didn’t see any tag in github note referring to the chat

You have to just bench update command.


bench update --reset

refer for more detail:

I ran the:

bench update --reset

Yet, I am still having the version of ERPNext as 10.1.53

I am setting up to Production environment (in case this makes a difference)

Check branch please,

Hello @bhavikpatel7023

It is master. I ran: git branch and received below:

When in apps/erpnext it is:

* master

When in apps/frappe it is:

* mater

same issue here

I tried to update and also installed from scratch. Only ERPNext: v10.1.53 (master) is installing.
Some issues with release.

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i notice one more thing
the release note Not Including all New updates
i guess it is not officially released yet

Do we have to switch to the staging branch to get v11? How long before the master branch will follow v11 releases?

you can wait till the team makes the announcement.

however you can setup a testing instance and explore what you want. but keep it seperate from your production or dev environment.

Please check this
Pre release means not published yet.

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it is the latest release…
@saurabh6790 saurabh6790 released this 19 hours ago · 0 commits to master since this release

Master branch : v10
Staging branch : v11

If you want to switch to v11, goto your bench and run

  1. Switch to staging branch
    bench switch-to-branch staging frappe
    bench switch-to-branch staging erpnext

  2. Setup requirements
    bench setup requirements

  3. Migrate site
    bench --site site-name migrate

  4. Restart supervisor.
    bench restart


Look like there’re issues with the release. Every time I login to the ERP. This always pop up. But, was unable to do the update successfully.

It just a notification for latest release. It wont update your system.

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I don’t believe it’s ready yet. Master on GitHub still shows.

This branch is 2225 commits behind develop.

AFAIK the core team hasn’t made an official announcement

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hello, by this I was able to switch to staging for frappe. but erpnext still remains on master.
Branch staging does not exist in Upstream for erpnext. how can I go about it?

I think you should wait for the announcement. That branch has not been published yet.


The staging branch does exist on Github, and the problem with the command “switch-to-*” comes from your git configuration file for ERPNext:

Make sure it fetches all branches on upstream and not only develop or master.

Here is an example of an app already switched to staging: