Left Side Menu is not restricted

Dear All,

How can we hide left side menu from unauthorized users i have searched across web still unable to find the answer and it’s very strange that no one from ERPNEXT has came acrosss with and answer someone should answer as this is essential to install erpnext at client side.

What exactly do you mean by the left side menu?

Screenshot would help.

modules coming on the left side are being visible to user who are not authorized for it how to restrict the user not to see the list as it is very imortant for deplyment on client side

Waiting for help

@rmehta Kindly lookinto this matter need help

In the User List, check on module access section

There’s quite a few threads on this topic (or nearly the same topic). Linking 4 below, and more are available. The manual (also linked below) also has steps to follow. What have you searched and what have you tried?


Also, this is a volunteer forum. Don’t tag users unnecessarily or bump threads like this. If you need support with an SLA, pay for it by using ERPNext Cloud or paying a service provider (find through the ERPNext foundation website in the links at the top).


All the threads and things to not have the solution for that and its very strange that this is ignored or not covered in product like erpnext as this is very essential to implement erpnext at client side how can i convince the client to go for erpnext when users who do not have authorized access can see the modules which should be hidden Kindly someone do the needful or at least give the solution.

“Kindly someone do the needful or at least give the solution.”

Please do digest the help folks have kindly offered you already